Carnaval de Estocolmo / Stockholm Carnival 4 mars 2017

Stockholm Carnival 2017


• Förköp via 330:- ex förköpsavgift
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• Biljetter i kassan Münchenbryggeriet 350:-. Kassan öppnat kl 21.00.

• Här är hela programmet med tider: CLICK HERE

Stockholm Carnival 2017 • Carnival Queen: Dandan Firmo, Rio de Janeiro

Läs mer om Dandan Firmo här: CLICK HERE

Stockholm Carnival 2017. Rei Momo: Saulo

Stockholm Carnival 2017

STOCKHOLM CARNIVAL 2016 – The biggest indoor Carnival in Scandinavia for around 1500 guests. We are talking about a Brazilian, Latin and Caribbean Carnival with four dancefloors. Samba-percussion, Steelpans, brazilian dancers, salsa-maniacs and  the best public in Scandinavia. Enjoy!



The venue:

Adress: Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2
Open 21–03
Min ålder: 18 år

Karta / Map / Münchenbryggeriet: Click here

stockholm carnival barbrasil
Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm

On stage, directly from Bahia/Salvador Brazil:
Diggo de Deus & Satyra Carvalho (ex-singers Grupo Olodum) with Filhos do Samba (around 20 percussion-players).

Diggo de Deus & Satyra Carvalho, Stockholm 2017

Video-clip with Diggo de Deus from Ídolos Brasil 2010:

• 4 Dancefloors and around 100 artists!

Line up Stockholm Carnival 2017
• Brazilian Carnival – Bar Brasil med inbjudna dansare och slagverkare, capeoira mm.
Karnevalsdrottningen Dandan Firmo flygs in från Rio de Janeiro.
Rei Momo / Karnevalens kung: Saulo Jr.

Live: Diggo de Deus & Satyra Carvalho (ex-singers OLODUM)
Filhos do Samba (feat Oldrich & Everart)
Samba de Souza (Bateria)
Show: Viva Brasil
Show: Passistas Samba de Souza
Show: Samba Angels
Show: Akanni CCD & Guests
Show: Lady Bombom e convidados
Animação: Renata Dias
Capoeira: Mestre Chiquinho, Akessi & Adí
DJ:s Wesley & Friedrichs Le Fox
DJ:s Uncle Eric, Lady Lorraine & Soca Dennis
Live: Stockholm Steelpans
DJ:s L’Flow & Dj Roka (Chile))
DJ Isra (Cuba)
Live: Richard Ortega y Suena Cubano

LIVE in Soca Room: Stockholms Steelband


Stockholm Carnival 2017 – Soca Room

Stockholm Carnival 2017 – Stockholm Steelband

Stockholm Carnival 2017 • Latin Room

Stockholm Carnival 2017 • Passistas do Samba de Souza

Stockholm Carnival 2017 • DJ Isra (Cuba)

Stockholm Carnival 2017 • Show Viva Brasil

Stockholm Carnival 2017 • Samba Angels

Stockholm Carnival 2017 • Filhos do Samba

Stockholm Carnival 2017 • Akanni CCD Show

The event is promoted by Stockholms Stad

Check pictures from Carnaval de Estocolmo 2016: Click here

Video-clip from Carnival in Stockholm 2016:

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  1. Oliver Cartea skriver:

    Coming from Tenerife, the idea of an indoor Carnival is as incomprehensible to me as the idea of Antactica can be for a tuareg. But then, the 17 years I’ve been living here kicked in and I tried to visualize an outdoor Carnival, in Sweden, the 4th of March. I just sat there and laughed at my idiocy 🙂 never been to this party, but those words, ”a Brazilian, Latin and Caribbean Carnival with four dancefloors” are haunting me and they will do it until I see it for myself. Looks like in 2018 I might be coming over for a visit! 🙂

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